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Amazon finds: This is KNIGHT RIDER misc items on amazon I have found. Items to help build your kitt or just Fan Items such as Knight Rider on BlueRay or Knight Rider T-Shirts.

Durablock Sanding Block kit. This is what I use to block sand all my parts. Got to get the lines perfectly straight and this will do it.

If you have been following the paint process on my 89 firebird Kitt car on youtube. Here is the paint gun I used and I highly recommend it. The paint gun is a DeVilbiss Tekna Pro Lite. After watching the Gunmans youtube channel it was rated as his #1 go to gun.

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3m Trim Black. This was great for painting the fog light grills, trim around the rear hatch and just for the heads of bolts that needed to be freshened up. One can will be enough for your whole Kitt.  

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3m Perfect It, highly approve and recommend . Great Compounds after you do your color sanding. Also this is the best price for the 3 bottle kit I have found. Comes with 3 stages, stage 1 rubbing compound, stage 2 machine polish, and stage 3 ultra machine polish. It's a must if you want to eliminate the orange peel after Kitts painted.

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So after color sanding and buying your Compounds for buffing, you will also need a good buffer to bring back the shine and gloss. Here is the machine I use and recommend. Sure you can buy cheaper ones but this had the best reviews for the price.

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Dynamat Kit. You will need 2 dynamat Kits if your doing the floor, door and trunk of your Kitt car.

Here is the best price I have found for these Kits.

20 ground trigger Channel MP3 Sound Board FOR POD UNIT BUTTONS with 2x15W Amplifier This is a must to have for your pod buttons. Now you can run the ground outputs on your pods into this 20 channel MP3 player. Each channel can play up to 200 files including turbo boost eject L-R and many more sounds, SD card included. I highly recommend this for your build.

Price: $74.95

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Spare Trunk Battery Tray. If your running 2 batterys and want to keep your spare tire in the trunk of your Firebird you might want to buy one of these battery trays.

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Got saggy Doors this kit is inexpensive and will fix your sagging doors.

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82-92 Firebird Roller Hinge Kit

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Affordable Knight Rider Scanner- comes with wireless remote. Only $20 shiped

Ok I know what your thinking too cheap right. But this is actually a great functional scanner, its great for Man cave Knight Rider nose wall mount. Its great for a temporary scanner until you can save up for a good one. Just velcro it on your nose opening and use a piece of red plexi cover over it and it will look just like the show.

Knight Rider Men's Logo T-shirt Black I actually was gifted this shirt and they are good quality. 

Hot Wheels 2017 HW Screen Time Knight Rider K.I.T.T.

Cant built a KITT yet, here buy a hot wheels KITT for the time being.