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Knight Rider
80s TV

Nose Auxiliary  Black Bezel Driving Lights (In Stock)

Nose Auxiliary  Black Bezel Driving Lights

Kit includes: Set of 2 lights, with 12Volt/55Watt Halogen Bulbs, wiring harness, mounting hardware, rocker switch with housing, and directions.  Rustproof, impact-resistant housing, Clear lenses for maximum light output.

Price: 1 Set Shiped for $40 in USA

1 Set Shiped Worldwide $100 

2 Sets Shiped Worldwide $140

3 Sets Shiped Worldwide $180

Nose Auxiliary Chrome Bezel Driving Lights (1 left in stock)

Kit includes: Set of 2 lights, with wiring, connectors, 15 amp fuse, 12Volt/55Watt Halogen Bulbs, rocker switch and directions. SAE & E-Mark Approve, Rustproof, impact-resistant housing, Clear lenses for maximum light output. Housing is made of Chrome Metal and not plastic.

Price $50 shiped in USA only

GM Brake Pad- Will fit any 3rd Generation Firebird Trans Am or Camaro.

Brand New Brake Pad 

Price: $20 Shipped in USA, $25 Worldwide.

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NEW Knight Rider License Plate Frame- Authentic to the show.



Shiping options

NEW Knight Rider License Plate- Made out of Aluminium, come's with MAY 1982 tags. These are not cheap ebay plates that are flat with-out embossed printouts for tags. No replica should go without one. Great for car shows. TV Show Accurate.

KNIGHT PLATE Price: $25 shiped in USA and $30 Worldwide

New Knight Rider Knight Mini License Plate Key Chains

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KNIGHT INDUSTRIES TPI EMBLEM made out of Aluminum and engraved as shown below.


After tons of searching we have finally found a similar to factory installed door molding kit. The oem moldings are no longer made so this is the best solution. For exterior Doors and Fenders/rear quarters. Protect your paint job with this door moldings kit. Similar to "Factory installed " shape and size used from 82-86. Professional grade 3m Adhesive makes installation a breeze, just peel and stick. Flexible, Self-Adhering, & Easy to install & pre painted in gloss black. Note: This is not the riveted on dealer installed molding style.

Price: $50 shiped in USA.

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New A Pillar inner seal kit. OEM seals are no longer made, these fit just as good altho not the exact height, but close. Kit comes with enough material for both A Pillars. Self sticking foam tape included on seals.

Price: $20 shiped in USA. $25 worldwide.

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New Season 1 Upper Console Rockers same ones used in the tv show. Set comes with 5 total. 12 volt lights and can handle up to 10 Amps so no need for relays. These are On off (On) DPDT rockers. Each rocker has an On stable side an off middle and a On momentary switch side.
Price is $175 shiped worldwide.  (OUT OF STOCK)